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Uni4409 (IT) HP and LP Regulator Bracket Kit incl. hoses

Uni4409 (IT) HP and LP Regulator Bracket Kit incl. hoses

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Ready to be installed in service cars, workshops or trailers/dolly's wher both a high pressure and low pressure regulator is required.
TIPO C (IT/ES) nitrogen bottle connector. 5m long High Pressure and Low Pressure hose assemblies. High pressure hose is supplier with Schraeder Valve.
ALT. PN: K-2107, PC-1095, 14-6804-6000, 14-6829-6000, 14-6886-6000, PC-1037-01, NSN: 1560-01-480-0142, ID: 001769, 2001120, K-2106, 14-6808-6000, 14-6885-6000, 18-4216-6000, PC-1089-01, ID: 001589, 2000948, K-3337, K-2106, K-2107, K-1225, 14-6808-6000, 14-6885-6000, 18-4216-6000, 14-6804-6000, 14-6829-6000, 14-6886-6000, PC-1089-01, PC-1037-01, ID: 001587, 2000947, ID: 001573, 2000935, 001574, 2000936, 001567, 2000930, 001770, 2001121, 001771, 2001122, 001583, 2000942, 001772, 2001123, 001773, 2001124, 2000950, 001591