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Low Height Aircraft Wheel Service Trailer

Low Height Aircraft Wheel Service Trailer

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The very low angles of the trailer's ramps are developed to enable easy loading and un-loading of heavy equipment such as jacks and wide body MLG Tire as the A350 and B787.


The trailer comes with both low and high pressure regulators. Bottle connection is based on Standard German Bottles W32, however other bottle connections can be fitted depending on customer requirement. Both the High Pressure and Low Pressure Regulators are equipped with 10m Hose assembly for servicing tires and aircraft struts.
Automatic Aircraft Tire Inflators can be installed based on customer request.

The standard frame of the trailer can fit a wide body main wheel and nose wheel, 2 Nitrogen bottles and aircraft Jack and Tire/Brake Lifter.
  • Safer Woriking Enviroment
  • Safeguarding of and longevity of tools and equipment
However, we can build any kind of internal design based on individual customer requirements.
The trailer cover can be made with Customer Logos.

Alt. PN: NBWBCT, RTW-WBC4, RTW-WBC3, RTW-WBC2, RTW-WBC2S, RTW-WBC1, RTW-WBC1S, RTW-N1/1, RTW-N1/2, RTW-N2/2, RTW-WBC-N2, RTW-2, RTW-BTA, WTC-4, WBC-1, WCF-A, WCF-B, NBWBCT-N2, DF081002, Model 8784B, 2001752, 002603, 878400B-4