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Fly Away Line Station Kit for aircraft A320, B737, E195

Fly Away Line Station Kit for aircraft A320, B737, E195

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The Line Station in a Box trolley system is developed to enable operators a solid solution to have all the necessary tools in pre-defined storage boxes. This enables operators to quickly setup and close down line stations depending on their seasonal requirements in rute changes.

The two boxes are designed to keep all mandatory tooling inside of a solid flight case kit and is made to fit most single isle aircraft cargo bay with following dimensions:
Flight Case 1: H60 x W80 x L120cm.
Flight Case 2: H60 x W125 x L120cm.

Alt. Part Numbers: 13214 WT/LR, 98814900, Model 150, 7011, PF53361-2PWS, RC4509, 50P9AR, RT6050, DMC1264, M22520/1-01, 815002, 815003, MK7ATIS-001, MK7ATIS-002, F70200-35, 721Nf/80, 50200081, 98A28104000000, AGE-04280-401, C12002-7, C78005-53, HIX4001, C32026-15, C32026-6, H47682, F46754-1000-A, 460007230, Q47316, J47779, J47548, J47549, 98A252075030000, 98D32203502000, A78019-29, 98F34103003000, KPC4-480-325, 98D34103004001, D23080000, M21930, C32012-13, C32022-38, C32022-21, R/C-AOAC-2 , C78020-14, C78023-1, C78035-1, J32060-1, A09003-2, 856A3617G01, C36001-64