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B737NG/MAX NLG and MLG Wheel Change Kit

B737NG/MAX NLG and MLG Wheel Change Kit

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ALT. PN: P-1922, C32022-20, C32022-21, SPL-1817, C32012-12, 1922, C32012-3, AST32B301-1, C32012-9, C32012-13, C32022-3, C32022-15, C32022-17, C32022-23, C32022-24, C32022-38, SPL-1876, C32022-16, C32022-18, C32022-26, C32022-20
With this case, you help to reduce the CO2 pollution by at least 2.300g
The Boeing 737NG/MAX wheel change kit is developed to enable MRO's to work more efficiently when they have a wheel or brake change task required on one of the worlds most popular aircraft models. The Wheel Change Kit comes in a 3D-scanned brightly colored Tool Control Foam inside an organic Flight case.

The kit is created through collaboration with and cross referencing the experience of several Operators and MROs and contains: MLG Axle Thread Protector, MLG Wheel Nut Socket, NLG Axle Thread Protector, NLG Wheel Nut Socket and all standard hand tools needed to perform a wheel change. The kit does not contain the torque wrench, but we do also have a seperate torque wrench kit under the part number SCA-730N-KIT